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Offering Vinyasa Flow Yoga, Yin*Balance*and Restore Yoga, and NEWLY ADDED CHAIR YOGA.  Let Dharma Den introduce you to you! 

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Dharma Den

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Dharma Den was born out of the idea that through movement, breath, and CONNECTION, we can move ourselves to a more peaceful place if we choose.  So often times we rush out of practice to get back into the same overstimulated world, defeating the work we just did to destress.  Dharma Den encourages you to slow down, take time for you, destress ~ move and breathe.  

Intimidated by a traditional studio setting?  Dharma Den caters to those willing to try, but a little shy getting themselves started in the practice.  This small group setting (10 students or less) allows the comfort of of feeling at home accompanied by individual attention throughout class.  The teacher to student ratio allows for each student to receive at all times guidance, alignment, and overcome the fear of not knowing what to do or how to move....let me help you find courage to transition to a larger studio should you choose.  We are lucky in our area to have an abundance of Yoga studio's to work your way into.  Should you feel the pull to a larger space, I'm here to help support you and guide you into that transition.  

Ultimately, my goal is to help you lose the fear in areas of your life that might be holding you back, on or off your mat...Are you ready for your first FREE class?

Private Lessons

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Whether you need a little extra guidance to get started, some tips for a home based practice, or the comfort of a small studio to ease the mind - I can help!  Offering one on one Private Yoga Lessons...

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