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The Journey

Finding your path...

After trying my luck with running, I realized my body needed something different.  I loved the 'runner's high', but my body did not totally agree with the wear and tear I was causing it.   I was overweight, and the impact on my joints, was no longer condusive to continue.  

I found my way to my first Vinyasa Class somewhere in 2015.  The class description said 'all levels' and music.  No need to say more, if there's music I was willing to try it.  My body was tight and I had limited flexibiity.  I couldn't touch my toes, the warm up was challenging.  My ego surfaced instantly, what was I thinking?

It was during that class, my teacher, had tuned into my discomfort and made her way to my side.  She offered modifications for my body limitations, but more importantly she offered love and encouragement.  She told me, just keep showing up, it gets easier.

She ended the class with words of wisdom, that I now know as Dharma.  Dharma is the way to understand where we are, where we want to be, how to bring in more goodness and let go.  It's the spiritual part of the practice, that if you choose, can help you find a place of self love and acceptance.  We learn to understand how that affects everyone and everything we encounter in life.  Love yourself first and then others...

I am humbled to have a private space, for you to experience what I have over the past few years.  I can now very easily touch my toes and twist my body into shapes I hadn't before Yoga...none of that matters in comparison to these changes in myself:  I've come to love myself all encompassing.  I spend more days positive than negative, I have less judgement against others, I've learned to let go of things that no longer work in my life.  

We have the power to live happy and free....won't you join me?

First Class Free

Please accept the offering of a FREE first time class at Dharma Den.  It all starts with the willingness to try...


Can anyone do Yoga?

Yes!  The beauty of Dharma Den is you'll receive more one on one attention and modifications throughout your practice.  Class sizes are limited to no more than 10 people, allowing more opportunities to fine tune your alignment and offer personal assistance as needed.

This is a great way to build your confidence in your practice and then transition into a larger studio should you desire...

What temperature is the room heated too?

Since we are in a small space, body heat adds naturally to the practice once we start.  Typically the room will be between 75-80' for Restorative Yin and 85-90' for Vinyasa Flow.  Don't be intimidated by the heat, it allows our muscles to become more supple and flexible during our practice.

How long are the classes?

Both Vinyasa and Restorative Yin are 60 minute classes.  We may occasionally go over in time if the class agrees and is willing.  I never want to rush a class, defeats the purpose of de-stressing and slowing down.  I also want to make sure the body is properly warmed up and cooled down in each class.

What should I wear?

Anything you can move in!  Keep in mind with the heat you'll probably sweat.  A Yoga towel is recommended and can be purchased on Amazon or found at most retailers. 

How do I pay and register?

Pre-registration is required online through Schedulicity...All services can be paid through Venmo @michelle-kaspari, cash or check upon arrival.  Please have payment ready before class...

Why can't I book a class the same day?

We have some limitations on booking, same day booking is one of them.  If you need to book a class the same day, please text to confirm your mat space at (916) 402-6098.