Class Descriptions

Vinyasa Flow Yoga - Level 1

This Level 1 Class is perfect for those starting out, those that prefer a slower flow, or those that might be attending to injuries.  This 60 Min Vinyasa Flow is in a slightly warm room(85-90') to keep the muscles flexible enhancing our movement.  Movement is synced to the breath and music, creating a natural flow in the body.  Students will be encouraged to take water and rest as needed.  Posture modifications offered throughout class.

Yin, Balance, and Restore

60 minutes of Mindful Movement.  Most postures will be done on the floor, assisted by Yoga props to enhance your experience.  We'll focus on stretching and opening the body to release tension in the body as well as some balance work to complete the session. Combined with breath work and meditation, you'll find this restorative class a great way to unwind both physically and is warmed to approximately 80'

Chair Yoga

Newly added!  Monday morning we'll literally take a seat into this practice.  Having the stability of the chair offers a practice focusing on balance, flexibility, and strength training.  No experience necessary, very helpful for those that might have difficulty getting up and off the floor.  Modifications provided as needed.

Power Vinyasa Flow

This second level class will flow faster and provide more difficult asana's.  All are welcome to try.  Students should have a basic knowledge of the following postures:  Crescent Lunge, Warrior Series, and Chattarunga dandasana...

Yoga Playlists

Dharma Den Mix

A sampler of the music I like to play during class. Yin class provides a soothing playlist to help your body sink into relaxation.  In Vinyasa we might turn it up a bit.  You might hear a variety of pop, old school jams, blues jams and many other styles... You can FLOW to whatever moves your body!